The New Forest Pony Association, Inc. was founded in 1989 by Mrs. Lucille Guilbault and Mrs. Jody Waltz, both of Rhode Island, USA. In 1992, the NFPA expanded it's responsibilities and commitment to the breed by becoming a fully operational Registry for New Forest Ponies residing in the US and Canada.
Since the Association's expansion, the NFPA has been responsible for more than 350 registrations of New Forest foals and ponies brought from England and Holland.
For last 20 years the NFPA is the only independent New Forest Pony Registry in North America.
The NFPA follows the breed standards of the Mother studbook in Englandand the EU

 The NFPA celebrates the opening of our new office. With the opening of our new office you can now   email direct to the  New Forest Pony Association & Registry, at
 Through this website you can now read all our news and updates, download all the needed forms    and pay with a credit card. For regular mail there are no changes. Please continue to mail to P.O Box 206, Pascoag, RI 02859
We hope that these changes will help you in all your future transaction

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The 2009 Predicate Awarded Ponies are:

Preferent breeding stallion: We are awarding the following Foundation Stallions that have had a tremendous influence in the New Forest Pony breeding in the USA and Canada since the early 1950’s. Jacob’s Pied Piper, Mudeford Streak, Vernon Starling, Beechwood Jack Straw and Merrie Mars

Nominated for Preferent Breeding Stallion:( accumulated points on offspring and if recipient of the Mary Wilson or Mudeford Streak Trophy)

Voster Valentino’s Hot Pepper

Winner of the Mary Wilson Trophy


     -  Okjen’s Ronald, Star Gelding

     - Okjen’s Peppermint Twist, Star Mare

     - Okjen’s Pico Bello, Approved Stallion

  Star and Preferent Mare: (accumulated points of offspring )

CDB Coco Channel


     - Okjen’s Beacon Thoughtful, Approved Stallion

     - Okjen’s Peppermint Twist, Star Mare

     - Okjen’s Ronald, Star Gelding

     - Okjen’s Pico Bello, Approved Stallion.

Performance Broodmare and Preferent Mare

Jacob’s Flicka


-Log Cabin’s Athena, Star & Performance Pony

-Log Cabin’s Beau Jeste,Star & Performance Pony

-Log Cabin’s Eclips, Performance Pony

 Star  mares and geldings are:

     - Okjen’s Peppermint Twist 

     - Okjen’s Ronald

     - CDB Coco Channel

     - Jacob’s Flicka

     - Log Cabin’s Beau Jeste

     - Log Cabin’s Winchester

 Performance Pony

     -Burlwoods Sunburst, Stallion/Gelding 

     -Burlwoods Miss Elizabeth, Mare

     -Log Cabin’s Beau Jeste, Gelding

     -Log Cabin’s Winchester, Gelding

The above list of ponies nominated for the Predicate Awards will be confirmed by March 1st 2009. This list does not reflect all ponies that are eligible for these awards.

New Forest Pony owners can send in their nomination form and show records to our office to be included for the 2009 awards.

 January 1st 2013

Memberships is due
before February 29th,2013

 Since January 1st 2009
We offer a new awards

 Live Time Predicate  Awards for pure bred  mares,stallions and geldings.
NF mares can receive the Certificate;  Star, Crown, Performance Pony,
Performance  Broodmare,  
Preferent Mare.
Geldings and non-approved stallions can receive Performance Pony and Star

Stallions can receive

Performance Stallion,

Performance Breeding Stallion,

Preferent Stallion.

Please read more about this under Registrations

New Forest Ponies featured in the following books

All 3 books the NFPA has provided the written information 
as well as the photo's.


This beautiful, full color, hard cover book brings together some of the most beautiful, rare and amazing breeds of horse available to horse lovers today. We have also included interesting facts and information about each breed along with contact information so you can learn even more when you pick out those breeds that interest you the most!

From Russia to Canada, from Brazil to the USA, this book provides horse lovers with hundreds of beautiful full color images of magnificent animals from around the globe.

Whether you are looking to buy your "first" or your "next" horse or you are looking for the perfect gift to give to all the horse owners on your list, this is the book!
you can find out more at

Books can be purchased trough our office, please contact Lu Guilbault  or Linda kindle.

"The official Horse Breeds Standards Guide"  
Author Fran Lynghang
this  new  book is the Complete Guide to the Standards of all North American Equine Breed Associations 

The New Forest Pony Association & Registry provided the written information on the breed standards. and two of Okjen Farms ponies where used to illustrate the 7 page description of the New Forest Pony Breed. To read more about this wonderful  book and Fran Lynghang. click on the links for more information.   Now available at book stores or
Book page sample
Information  Fran Lynghang   

 "Horse Lover's Daily Companion
365 Days of tips and Inspiration for Living a Joyful Life with Your Horse.
Author Andrey Pavia.
This is a very unique book with information about different breeds different discipline of riding the care and medical  tips. The book is full of photographers of different breeds. The New Forest Pony has a one page  information  about the New Forest Pony. This was provided by the New Forest Pony Association  & Registry. The NFPA was credited in the back of the book.
Okjen Farms New Forest Pony  stallion Pico Bello was the illustrated photo. on the New Forest Pony Page. click on the links for book preview.
Now available in book stores and
 Book front
Page sample

Feathure article in the Equine Journal . June 2011

Congratulation to the 2010
 "Year End Award Winner"

Misty Baker with B Sunburst.
2010 Champion;  English Pleasure/Equitation 
2010 Reserve Champion; Hunter Pony Jr on Flat/Over Fences. 

Anrea Fiore with LC Winchester
2010 Champion W/T Hunter Pony Jr on Flat/Over Fences.
2010 Reserve Champion W/T English Pleasure/Equitation

Emma Trudeau with Wishingwell Birdie
2010 Champion Hunter Pony Jr on Flat over Fences
2010 Reserve Champion English Pleasure/Equitation