Just like every other piece of electronic or computer peripheral, the external hard drives too ought to be cared for and maintained. It is only this way that they will be in a position to offer optimal performance and discharge their duties as expected.

In the conversations that follow, are going to examine some of the top tips you have to adhere to in order to maintain these gadgets in their proper working conditions at any given time.


Tip I: Position the gadget strategically

At any given time, you should always position the hard drive in a clean, flat, and stable surface. This is to prevent it from fidgeting, getting bumped, dropped on the follow or jostled. It is necessary to do this of course in order to prevent any possible damages and guarantee a longer lifespan. On the same note, avoid areas that are close to humidifiers, drafts, air conditioners, and heaters.

Tip II: Make use of a surge protector

Because these devices are susceptible to the risks of higher voltage, it is necessary to protect them from such an eventuality. To do this, you have to make use of a surge protector. Plug your external hard drive into a suitable surge protector. This shall shield it from the occasional voltage spikes. Be sure to check the voltage ratings of the protector and see to it that exceeds the one for your socket outlet.

Tip III: Keep it stationary while the power is on

You are strongly advised against fidgeting the external hard drive while it is powered on. In light of this, you should keep it stationary while the power is on. This is to prevent any damages and the potential risk of electrocution and excessive power surge.

Tip IV: Dust it from time to time

It is not uncommon for these gadgets to gather dust. This is understandable owing to their external locations. You do not want this dust to accumulate as it might pose some damages in the long run. Use a soft and clean piece of cloth to get rid of the dirt from time to time. While at it, you should also spray the openings of the hard drive with a canned air sprayer or dust blower to get rid of any interior dust.

Tip V: Maintain it as cool as can probably be

You have to ensure extra cooling, especially in the extremely hot summer months. Supplement its interior cooling using an exterior fan. Place the fan right behind it while it is powered on to furnish extra cool air.


Over and above the aforementioned techniques and steps, you also have to back up your files online or in other secondary storage devices. This might come in handy in case the drive is corrupted, gets lost, or is accidentally destroyed. Remember to also store the gadget safely and securely far away from an active magnetic field. Best of luck in your next use of the external hard drive!