Kratom and pregnancy – Can a pregnant woman take Kratom?

Nowadays, Kratom has become an all-time favorite herb. It is being used not only in Asia but also in the US and Europe. Kratom is a natural herb. It is cultivated in the famous regions of South–East Asia.  Kratom is used to treat many health problems. We can say that Kratom is a safe drug. It has very few additive effects. But most of the question asked by the pregnant women is that can they use Kratom during their pregnancy? Is Kratom safe for them if they are accepting? Can Kratom be the reason for the miscarriage? All these questions make a pregnant woman confused. If you are also accepting and trying to find out the answer about the use of Kratom than this article can solve your problem.

Kratom and Pregnancy – Is Kratom safe during pregnancy?

Unlike other drugs, Kratom is a comparatively safe drug. It has very few additive effects. Therefore we can say that Kratom is considered a safe drug. Another reason for considering it a safe drug is that there is no research or study about Kratom which proves that it is not safe or it has any serious side effects.

But if we talk about pregnant women we can say that they should avoid the use of Kratom. There are many reasons for this statement. The first reason is that Kratom contains 25 different kinds of alkaloids. These alkaloids may be harmful to the growth of the fetus. Another reason is that Kratom can cause addiction. This addiction can affect mentally as well as physically which is also not good for the growth of a child. Kratom, if taken during pregnancy it can cause mental hindrance in the child as well. Some users have reported that Kratom has can generate the same effects as of the coffee and coffee is strictly not allowed during pregnancy.

Kratom has similar effects like opiates. But the difference is that Kratom has little side effects. Kratom can also result in the miscarriage of a woman. If a woman is using Kratom during pregnancy then there is a risk of liver and kidney damage of the fetus.

Use of Kratom can also cause constipation which may make you irritated. It may also lead you to side effects like nausea and vomiting. Kratom can also cause a hangover, migraine, and headaches.

If you were a Kratom user and you crave for it during pregnancy then no need to shy. Just go to your doctor and share your condition with him. He will give you safe alternatives which will lessen you’re craving for Kratom.


Kratom should be avoided during pregnancy. Sometimes, a woman does not know that they are pregnant and they keep on using Kratom which may cause some side effects in them. Therefore, it is suggested that you stop using Kratom if you are willing to conceive. The reason is that it is not only the matter of your life but also the life of your child. Be careful!