The Magic Green Malay Kratom Herb

The green Malaysian Kratom which is also referred to as super green Malay is a strain product which is secured from the leaves of the Mitragyna Speciosa tree aka the Kratom tree. The tree grows on the hilly terrains of Malaysia, and unlike most trees, its leaves have strange cell wall density. The leaves are popular due to high alkaloids content in them, the content of the alkaloids depends on the vein color and in some cases the location where the tree is cultivated. It is important to note here that we are putting in more emphasis on the vein in the leaf. As you will come to find out that the veins of the leaves from this tree have either red, green or white veins, hence note that the Green in the name is emblematic to the color of the veins of the leaves used.

Why is Green Malay Kratom a favorite strain?

For now, I know you must be burning to understand why this particular kind of strain is favorite. Well, just like other strains of the Kratom, the Green Malay Kratom is also famous for healing chronic pain such as arthritis, osteoporosis, migraines, backaches, sciatica, etc. the strain also fits well as an organic stimulant. But a personal attribute worth noting about this strain is that its effects last longer as compared to the same results from other strains. Another excellent and unique quality of this strain is how the effects kick in once in the consumer’s body, consumers confessed to having experienced energy boost once the results kicked in and later increased happiness after a given period. This kind of following effects kicking in has not been observed in other strains of Kratom and is indeed a unique attribute of the Green Malay Kratom. Other than the pain relief and stimulant properties this Kratom strain have other notable benefits which include; it has been described as refreshing and energizing, the consumers also described it as a mood booster and even made its users have increased concentration when undertaking the challenging task. These attributes have made it popular amongst the students and workaholics since the herbs have no side effects. And for the cheerleaders this strain when taken increases alertness, makes one more sociable and even making one very talkative.


The herb can be purchased in powder form or capsules from trusted and verified traders. The commonly recommended dosage for full effects is 2.5-4 grams to be taken in short intervals. If you use a teaspoon note that half teaspoon 1gram, full 2.5-3grams, and leveled one 2-2.5grams. The dosage is also highly dependent on consumer’s weight thus advisable for those with weigh less than 150pounds take 2-3grams, between 150-200 pounds take 3-4 grams and if your weight is above 200 pounds take 5 grams per day. After consumption, the drug takes 2hrs to kick in.